Hunting Simulator

The Hunting Simulator offers incalculable hours of practical experiences in single and multiplayer modes, numerous broad Jagdreviere and several undertakings. The Unreal 4 Engine enables you to investigate probably the most well known chasing zones, from the mountains of Colorado and the oak woodlands of France to the cold fields of Alaska. Each zone is home to phenomenally demonstrated creatures, which are portrayed by a practical AI conduct.

FEEL 37 ANIMALSHunting Simulator

Little and inactive round of the fields, huge deer, predators, water-winged creatures … each sort of creature must be found in its common natural surroundings.

Hunting Simulator


Each locale has genuine chasing territories: the colossal lakes and boreal woodlands of Alberta, the gulches and the dry prairies of Texas, Colorado and its mountains, the tundra and timberlands of Alaska, the Scottish Highlands, the Alps and the French oak backwoods.


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You have the decision of 17 unique weapons (longbow, crossbows and even firearms from Browning® and Winchester®) and more than 50 essential things for current seekers, including draws, snares and wind checkers.


Figure out how to peruse trails and utilize cover tents, yet in addition to adjust to the components, as climate and daytime are liable to dynamic changes. Each Jagdrevier has a remarkable biological community that will be found and aced.


Experience enterprise chasing in crusade mode with 111 missions and different goals. Some chasing scenes prompt extremely extraordinary creatures!

Explore different avenues regarding DIFFERENT GAME MODES

Enhance your aptitudes as a shotgun at the shooting reach, or stalk at a wide range of creatures in the “free chase”.


In the Koop multiplayer mode you can run with three companions or with players from everywhere throughout the world. Coordinate and slip into various parts to make different creature species effective in their regular habitat.


Interestingly, you can utilize an automaton in a chasing diversion to investigate the territory!

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